Young Red Cross member saves life

I was glancing through the news on when I came across this:

“In May 2008, Green, a sophomore at Philadelphia Military Academy at Leeds and a second-year member of his school’s Red Cross Club, was riding home from track practice with some of his coaches and classmates. At 55th Street and Baltimore Avenue, he saw a motorcyclist in the next lane get thrown from his bike.
Immediately, Green told the driver of the school van to stop the vehicle. He rushed to the motorcyclist, and he and one of his coaches pulled the unconscious man to the side of the road. There, Green assessed the man’s condition and performed CPR. Once the man’s breathing was restored, Green administered first aid to the motorcyclist’s head while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.
“After I took the certification course, I did not think I would actually have to use it,” said Green. “I was scared, but I just focused on what to do, when to do it, and tried to remember exactly what the instructor said.””

There’s a reason we do what we do!

Chris, Boston, Massachusetts

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