Gaurav Kikani: 2010 Navin Narayan National Youth Scholar!

This evening I am incredibly proud to announce Gaurav Kikani as the  2010 American Red Cross Navin Narayan National Youth Scholar.

This year the Navin Narayan Scholarship had a large number of fantastic applicants and before I write about Gaurav I want to thank all of you who have chosen to serve your community through the American Red Cross and strive for academic excellence, you all embody the spirit of Navin!

To stand out in the pool of applicants this year you needed to have been truly exceptional and Gaurav was that in every way.   The scholarship is focused on Red Cross service and academics and Gaurav excelled at both.

Throughout high school Gaurav has had a passion for service, especially with the American Red Cross.  Through the Clement High School Red Cross Club in Sugar Land, TX  he worked his way up from being a club member to treasurer, to vice chair and currently in his senior year, leading his club as chair.  In addition to leading the Clement club, Gaurav also chairs the Youth Service Council for the Greater Houston Area Red Cross.  In this role he is tasked to unite and guide all youth services activities in his area.  He also leads mass orientations for over 300 youth volunteers at a time!

Just as Gaurav’s dedication to the Red Cross is impressive, his academic performance matches.  Guarav is one of the very top students in his class scoring very high on his SATs and by the time he graduates this year will have taken 12 Advanced Placement classes and tests!  His academic track record has not gone unnoticed and Gaurav has won numerous local and national awards.

It is this combination of community service and dedication to school that has made Gaurav a very deserved winner of this years award.

I talked to Gaurav this morning and although his is still waiting for a few more college letters he is very interested in pursuing economics in college.  We look forward to see how Gaurav and all the rest of you seniors take your dedication to the next level by staying involved in the Red Cross and even expanding your service.


Pat West

Co-chair, National Youth Council

San Francisco

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