International youth opportunities update

International Red Cross youth opportunities

Summer is coming, and that means that it’s time to think about Red Cross summer camp! Although we aren’t running a National Youth Institute here in the United States this year, many Chapters will be running their own trainings and camps.

If you have an itch to get involved internationally, you should check out our new International Opportunities page, where you can find information about Red Cross and Red Crescent youth events and youth camps around the world. Most of these international events run in English, and you’ll want to act quickly because some deadlines are coming up very soon. Here are just a few of the exciting events coming up this summer:

Also on the International Opportunities page is information about international projects you can do here in the United States. For example, here’s a video about the Raid Cross simulation game:

How to get more information

Check out the International Opportunities page for more information, and in the future, you can access the page by clicking on the Resources link at the top of the homepage.

Note that the American Red Cross is not officially participating in these events, and does not offer logistical or financial support. However, you are welcome to do your own fundraising to attend on a personal, non-official basis. If you are under 18, follow your Chapter’s guidelines on chaperones.

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