6 Months after Earthquake in Haiti

Greetings Red Crossers! The American Red Cross National Youth Council hopes that your Fourth of July was fantastic.

As some of us celebrated our nation’s independence with fireworks and wearing red, white, and blue, others raised the flags of hope and progress as they remember another day that will be forever embedded in our world’s history.

Today marks the 6 Month Anniversary of the 7.0M earthquake striking Haiti, displacing approximately 1.5 million people  and affecting over 2 million.

To date, the American Red Cross has received $468 million dollars in donations and has spent $148.4 million.

Although the estimated $12 billion dollars needed to rebuild Haiti may seem like an unreachable goal, Gail McGovern, president and CEO of the American Red Cross, sent words of encouragement and hope to those who have generously donated in the Six Month Progress Report for the Red Cross Response.

McGovern also said, “Six months after the earthquake, Haiti is filled with signs of hope and progress as well as reminders of the immense needs that still remain.”

In an effort to meet those needs, the American Red Cross announced last Thursday that it would expand Health, Shelter, and Financial Assistance initiatives in Haiti.

Click here to find out more on how you can help the Red Cross Response.

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