San Bruno Fire Relief

It has been a very busy time out here in the Bay Area Chapter after Thursday night’s gas pipe explosion in San Bruno.

So far I have been involved in setting up the shelter (which has since been closed), feeding the rescue workers and providing support to public affairs.  I wanted to share with you a short story from yesterday where I was stationed outside the Bay Responder (imagine an ERV x 2.5) providing information to the public.

It was about 3:oopm and there was a scheduled press conference at our location at 5:00pm.  The news cameras were getting set up everyone was just milling about.  A little ways off from the Responder my fellow Red Crosser and I noticed a news van interviewing a child (turns out he is “7 and a halfish”).  It was obvious this boy was very excited about something.  After a brief interview, the child (and news crew)  comes over to the table we have set up and plunks down a big brown cardboard box full of donations.  Josh (as we are now formally introduced) begins to tell the story of how he went into  San Francisco (with help from his father, Al) with his drum set and began playing for donations for the Red Cross.  Josh, in a very short amount of time raised over $420!  He was so excited as to how many people he would be able to help.

It is young volunteers like Josh who selflessly embrace the mission of the Red Cross.  I urge all of you to use your talents to help those in need just like Josh!

Pat West


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  1. John says:

    Thanks to Josh, the Red Cross and other volunteers for the work that you do and the help that you provide.

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