National Youth Involvement Month Begins!

Greetings Red Crossers!

I hope this blog post finds you extremely excited for November–which is National Youth Involvement Month!

Each and every day, Red Cross Youth around the country make a difference in their communities. They manage blood drives, teach babysitting courses, and educate other youth about the importance of leadership, diversity, and team-building. They do all of these things while still maintaining other obligations outside of their duties as American Red Cross volunteers.

In short, you all, the American Red Cross Youth, are spectacular! November is the month for you to show the entire world what you’re doing.

This year’s theme for National Youth Involvement Month is “Get out and Volunteer!”. The overall theme is broken down into four sub-themes–one for each week of November.

Week 1: Get Active/Find a Volunteer Project
Week 2: Spread The Word/ Track Your Volunteer Experience
Week 3: Stay Active/ Finish a Project
Week 4: Recap your Experience and Move Forward

Also, be on the lookout for the American Red Cross Youth Facebook group page launching on November 1, 2010! Be sure to “Spread the Word” by posting your experiences to the group’s page. More information will follow on this page.

So get active, spread the word, finish a project, and keep moving forward. The American Red Cross is counting on you. To get started, register your American Red Cross club on our website by clicking to link to your left.

You can find more information relating to National Youth Involvement Month by clicking the tab labeled “Involvement Month 2010″ at the top of this page in the coming week of Nov. 1st!

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