Introducing…Vic Shah!

My name is Vic Shah, I’m currently enrolled as a Masters in Accounting student at Georgia State University in Atlanta. I have volunteered for the American Red Cross for over 10 years and am in my third year on the National Youth Council.

I first started volunteering because of my two older sisters, who believed that when you help others, you help yourself. My favorite experience volunteering was at First Aid Stations at the University of Georgia Football games.

Volunteering increases your ability to work with others, to develop professional skills, and to celebrate the shared values in each other. Volunteer with an open heart and I promise you’ll find your experiences to be the most memorable and significant of your life!

Be on the look out for more exposes from National Youth Council Members every Wednesday in November!

Vic volunteering in high school with friends!

To contact Vic with questions about volunteering and his experiences with the American Red Cross email him at [email protected].

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2 Responses

  1. Look! It’s lil’ Vic. Great story, you’re a real veteran on the council. :)

  2. Great photo Vic!

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