Meet Mr. Joe Gibson, the newest addition to the Red Cross National Youth Council!

Joe Gibson, the latest National Youth Council member, took some time to answer some questions about his past, present, and future!

Joe smiles for the camera!

Q: What was your first Red Cross experience?
A: My first Red Cross experience was in Minnesota when I was 15. I went on somewhat of a crusade to change my state’s legal age of blood donation, and in doing so partnered with the Red Cross. After the new law was passed, the blood region in MN offered me a position on their Board of Directors, which I absolutely jumped at. Since then it has been like a runaway train, I keep getting more and more involved with Red Cross.

Q: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
A: In 10 years I will be out of school and probably working with the United Nations or if I am lucky, the Red Cross. I love the international non-profit world (I am studying International Affairs), and I would like to make a career out of that. As long as I get the chance to travel, I am happy!

Q: What is your favorite place you have ever traveled too?
A: I would have to say Normandy, France. I camped out on Omaha beach with a friend for a week, and the history there is awe inspiring. Not to mention the beaches themselves!

Q: What is your advice to volunteers who are just starting out in the Red Cross organization?
A: If you are just starting up with the Red Cross, I would try to become involved with as many different Red Cross volunteers as possible. The one thing that never fails to amaze me is just how diverse and world-wide the Red Cross is, and being a part of that larger community is life changing. One of my passions is traveling to foreign countries and working with the Red Cross society there to idea share and learn about them. I know I am a part of something special when I can travel across the world and find people that don’t look like me, speak my language, or share my culture, yet still have the same purpose and mission as I do. Now I wouldn’t advocate hopping on a plane right away, but definitely meet tons of different people wherever you are.

Q: What’s your favorite movie of all time?
A: I would go with the Bourne series. I love how intelligent and complex it is, plus Matt Damon’s acting is extraordinary.

Q: What is your American Red Cross dream?
A: My dream for the American Red Cross is for the organization to grow into more of a part of daily life than it already is here in the United States. I think every volunteer can understand the dream of having everyone in the country trained in things like emergency preparedness and CPR/first aid. I also have no doubt that the “culture of preparedness” and sense of helping others that Red Cross embodies and strengthens not only individuals and communities, but nations and societies.

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