Getting Connected/Spreading the Word

Okay Youth, take our your pens and notepads for another week 2 tip. Remember, this week’s theme is “Spreading the Word/Tracking your Experience”, so take pictures, write a blog post, and do whatever it takes to get the word out about your Red Cross volunteer experience.

You all are the American Red Cross Youth, and you all do amazing things! It’s time to let the entire world know what you all are doing!

It’s also time to let other Red Cross Youth volunteers in on your different projects. It’s time to network. It’s time to brainstorm. It’s time to learn from other Youth across the entire country.

If you’re in Los Angeles, connect with a Red Cross youth volunteer in Chicago. If you’re in New York, connect with a Red Cross youth volunteer in San Antonio. If you’re in Washington D.C., connect with a Red Cross Youth in a small town called Augusta, Georgia.

Start connecting by becoming a member of the American Red Cross Youth facebook group. There are members from all different areas of the country, ranging from ages 16-26. Also, post pictures, share stories, and upload documents to the facebook group. The group should be used as a resource tool to learn about what other Youth are doing, as well as sharing your own experiences.

Learn from each other, build off of each other, and support each other. We’re all Red Cross Youth.

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