It’s Week 3 and there’s more to come!

It has been two exhilarating and productive weeks of working on NYIM and we have two more exciting weeks to go!

Keep up the energy and the great work because reports of success are flowing in. Please don’t get tired because for the last two weeks we have an awesome challenge planned out for you, ready for you to get involved.

Week 3 is titled: Stay Active and Finish a Project- It is alright even if you have not started a project yet because beginning this week you have the chance to take on a challenge individually and still make a huge impact.

As part of week three we are going to begin to focus on the Holiday Giving Campaign which will be ongoing through the month of December. This National Headquarters campaign is designed to help the Red Cross serve families in need during a time of the year where the consequences from natural disasters are more painful than ever.

When you meet up and see your relatives next week for the holidays and they ask you what you would like for Christmas, tell them you would like to save somebody’s life. Direct those family members to to purchase gifts that will be directly beneficial to a family in need. Even you can donate by buying a gift or by sending a simple text. Providing a blanket for a family who has been burned out of their home during the holidays, or a phone card to a soldier who is continents away from his family leaves a more satisfying feeling than finding the best deal on Black Friday.

In the upcoming days, specialized documents will be released with more details to help youth volunteers spread this message of giving. So get ready to give by getting into the holiday spirit!

National Youth Council member Frannie Weaks with Kim Gube of NHQ Partnerships in New Orleans during Red Cross joint project with Hope Worldwide in 2008. They worked with 2000 youth to rebuild New Orleans.

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Volunteer Connection