Wow, that’s a lot of stuff coming up!

1)      The National Youth Council is incredibly proud and excited to release the first ever petition regarding Red Cross youth volunteerism. You will be able to lend your support for the Red Cross Youth movement  by signing the petition and reaffirming the values, morals, and mission of a true American Red Cross youth volunteer.  The Youth Petition will be up later this week on Facebook and, we will need your help to get that word out and get those signatures!

2)  The 2010 Holiday Giving Campaign has already kicked off.  The concept is that instead of buying a physical gift for someone, you can instead donate the cost of a food, shelter, or comfort items for those in need.  You can learn more by visiting and we will be sending out specific information about how youth can best get involved!

3)      Starting next Monday, November 22, anyone who is a part of the American Red Cross Youth Facebook Group will get the chance to win special prizes each day by answering this question: “I volunteer with the American Red Cross because______________.” By answering this simple question and posting it on the Facebook group page (, you will be entered into a Red Cross drawing to win a prize from Eton radio!

4)      As you know, the National Youth Council is a body of 13 youth members who work together to represent all volunteers under the age of 24.  We want to do a better job of being visible and accessible to you all.  Our first step is to re-introduce ourselves.  Bios of members will be posted this Friday on  Take a look through and as always feel free to ask questions and share experiences with us.

5)      The Navin Narayan College Scholarship application will also be available in the coming weeks, so get ready to share your stories and volunteer experiences to win!

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