Happy Thanksgiving Red Crossers!

It’s Thanksgiving…a time for turkey, football, family, friends, and more food.
It is also a time for sharing what we are grateful for. So, as we all gather around the table to give thanks, I would like to take a quick second and say that I am thankful for you, the youth volunteer. I may not know your name but I know what you do.
I know you are out there donating blood and raising money for the local chapter. I know you are responding to disasters and teaching First Aid. I know you are spreading the word in your community about the Holiday Giving Campaign and wearing your Red Cross t-shirt with pride.
You are a fantastic American Red Cross youth volunteer with an unwavering spirit. All I can say is thank you and keep up the great work!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Liz, National Youth Council Member

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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection