Expanding International Disaster Preparedness Support

Hello Red Cross Youth!


While most of us realize the impact of local disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, at times, some international natural disasters often do not get as press attention as others. The American Red Cross is currently expanding support for international disaster preparedness and risk reduction programs across 25 different countries. These activities will not only save lives but also reduce the costs of recovering from disasters. The organization is also investing resources to strengthen household resiliency and build community capacity to anticipate, mitigate, prepare for and respond to disasters.


You can also make a difference, whether by volunteering or donating to the American Red Cross, your support is making a difference to someone somewhere. Remember, whether you are of a different origin, in the end, we are all humans who live together in this world and we should all lend a hand to make a difference and help those in need.


For more information: you can visit www.redcross.org/international.


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