Preparedness in Action

When you train with the American Red Cross you learn the lifesaving skills that it takes to be prepared for disasters and emergencies both large and small.  Though we all hope never to need these skills, for most of us the need will arise, as it did for Nebraska resident Cameron Klitz.

“On May 2, 2010, Cameron Klitz, trained in American Red Cross Learn to Swim, helped save the life of Joseph Lee.  Joseph was canoeing on the lake when he rolled the canoe over about 100 yards from shore.  Joseph started swimming toward shore, but about 30 yards out he began to yell for help.  Cameron Klitz was on the shore with her mother when she heard Joseph yell for help.  Cameron swam out to Joseph and assisted him towards the shore when he could stand up.  During that time, her mother had called 9-1-1.  Cameron stayed with Joseph until EMS arrived and took over.  Without a doubt, the skills learned in the American Red Cross Health and Safety Services course and used by Cameron Klitz contributed to saving Joseph Lee’s life.”

– Taken from American Red Cross Certificate of Merit awarded to Cameron Klitz.

Cameron took the time to take a course at her local Red Cross chapter, and was able to respond to an emergency and save a life.  Please take the time to enroll in a preparedness class.  Your commitment of a few hours could save a life.


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Volunteer Connection