Stories from Kendall King and Mary Ellen Fain

Our next two quotes come from Kendall King and Mary Ellen Fain!

“I volunteer with the American Red Cross for quite a few reaons. First off, making an impact on someone’s life, even in the smallest ways, is a great feeling. I LOVE all the things we do around the community, from the Foster Kid’s Christmas Party to helping out at the food bank to teaching middle school kids at MLDC. I honestly look forward to all of these events, because the feeling you get during and after is extraordinary. Another reason i volunteer at the Red Cross is because of all of the AMAZING people who i volunteer with!! Everyone who I’ve ever met through Red Cross has a good heart and is soo nice. I have made many friends through Red Cross and am meeting new, great people all the time! Overall, Red Cross makes volunteering fun and it has become a big part of my life :)”
(This quote’s author was the winner of the Eton Radio Prize drawing during National Youth Involvement Month)
Kendall King

“I volunteer with the American Red Cross because I know that, when I volunteer, I’m making a difference. Even though I’m new to the Youth Board, it’s already become clear that the Red Cross and everyone involved with it is truly dedicated to making people’s lives better, and that every Red Cross event – no matter how small – accomplishes this in some way. But there is something different about volunteering with the Red Cross compared to the volunteering I’ve done outside of it. Elsewhere, it’s easy to feel kind of alone in your efforts, like one individual trying to tackle the huge task of making a difference in the world. But in the Red Cross, you can look around at the amazing people you’re with, and think about all those people across the country who are working towards the same goal as you are, and know that you’re not alone. This feeling that I am a part of something bigger, that I am a part of something that matters, and that together we ARE making a difference is irreplaceable! And it’s the reason why I volunteer with the American Red Cross.”

-Mary Ellen Fain

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