Stories from Manpreet Sidhu and Aakash Sastry

Manpreet Sidhu and Aakash Sastry from California talk about why they volunteer with the American Red Cross.

“I volunteer with the Red Cross for the smiles. It makes me feel great when I know that because of Red Cross many people smile everyday. The smile that comes from the emotional support Red Cross volunteers give a victim, to a child’s smile in Haiti when he sees his grandma being given proper medical care. I hope to contribute to the amount of smiles the Red Cross spreads around the world. And as we work together one step at a time, lets keep in mind the smiles we receive at every step of the way.”

Manpreet Sidhu

I volunteer with the American Red Cross because it is my way to make a small difference in the world. Every day there are natural disasters occurring around the world and most people are not aware of them. If one person does something small in their own way to help out, it can make a huge difference. I started volunteering with the Red Cross as a pastime, but it turned into something much bigger than that. Be it by raising money for the Filipino floods, or trying to do whatever I could to help out in Haiti, I always came out with a great feeling of fulfillment. I feel like I am making a difference in the life of some family in another country. As of right now, there are 6,884,461,255 people in the world, and I wish everyone was as lucky as I am. Even though that’s not possible, volunteering with the Red Cross can help achieve that never ending goal, one step at a time.

Aakash Sastry

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