Stories from Missy Sams and Golda Nguyen

Read what these two volunteers have to say about why they volunteer with the American Red Cross:

“I volunteer with the American Red Cross because you can really feel like you’re making a difference to someone. Even if its just a small thing, it still probably made someone’s day a little better.”

-Missy Sams

“I volunteer with the Red Cross because us Red Cross kids are pretty darn amazing. Enough said.
But really in all seriousness, Red Cross is more than just a way for high school teens to get out and volunteer. This is my third year on the youth board and I have met kids around the area that I would have never met otherwise. These kids share the same kind of self-satisfaction that I get when I go out and volunteer. I’ve never actually dreaded volunteering. In fact, basically everything we do, all the events, are enjoyable because I’m either seeing someone’s face light up or I’m doing something that will. I’m probably not volunteering in the way that it would be seen as some great service to the world, but I’ve definitely impacted someone. If not, then it has at least impacted me. And when I help the people in the community, when I go to a nursing home to hang out with residents or when I go to package food at Golden Harvest or whatever, there’s a lot of satisfaction in that. And when you see people smile and say, “You all are such amazing/lovely/wonderful kids” there’s a sense of pride in that. Everyone always hears on the news when a huge natural disaster happens that Red Cross volunteers are helping out on site. I’m not at the age where I can do that kind of Red Cross work (although I’d like to) but we Red Cross Youth are impacting our communities and its amazing to be a part of it. To sum it up, I LOVE Red Cross, I LOVE what we do, and I LOVE all you wonderful youth board people (and Lynn of course).”

-Golda Nguyen

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