Stories from Rahul Saha and Chinmaya Sharma

Rahul Saha and Chinmaya Sharma talk about why they get involved:

“I volunteer with the American Red Cross because I love you guys!”

-Rahul Saha

“I volunteer for the American Red Cross because of the immense impact it has not only on my life, but on the lives of many of the people both in and around the community. Through the Red Red Cross, I have been able to make a difference in different parts of the community. From teaching middle and elementary schoolers about disasters and disaster relief, to simply playing bingo with the elderly at Brookdale, the opportunities are incredible. I have been part of the ARC for 7 years and in that time I have developed relationships that I hope will last throughout my entire lifetime. The people involved with Red Cross have the same goals as me and we all look towards a better future. Red Cross has taught me so many different things, primarily leadership. By allowing individual “executive committee” members to chair certain events, I understand what it takes to organize events, speak in front of people, and just how the smallest things can make the biggest impact. The situations that ARC members are put in may be uncomfortable at times, being in a new place with unknown people, but they soon realize that everyone in the ARC is their friend and hopes for the best. ARC has been a huge part of my life and I hope to continue it as I graduate from high school, and then college.”
(This quote’s author was the winner of the Eton Radio Prize drawing during National Youth Involvement Month)
-Chinmaya Sharma

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