Stories from Hannah Weinberger and Catherine Sulzycki

Why do Hannah and Catherine volunteer?

“I volunteer with the American Red Cross because of the amazing feeling I get after impacting someone’s life. The feeling I receive after just seeing a simple smile grow onto someone’s face is something I could never even put into words. It’s changing someone’s life in just the smallest manner that really makes a difference. Helping in the community is just another way to interact with new people and help many get back on their feet or just make their day a little better. The people at Red Cross are also a big part of why i find myself coming back for more! They are the most warm and caring people I have ever met. The friendships I have built and the many under privileged people i have met have changed my life drastically. I will cherish these people and those special moments all my life. Knowing that i have changed the course of someone’s day or even their life is enough for me to to keep the American Red Cross as part of my everyday life.”

-Hannah Weinberger

I volunteer with the American Red Cross because I like making a difference in people’s lives. It is nice to know that at the end of the day I have impacted at least one person in my community in a positive way and each experience inspires me to commit more and more of my time to the welfare of others.

-Catherine Sulzyci

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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection