Stories from Megan Fechter and Kristen Olson

What do Megan Fechter and Kristen Olson have to say?

“I volunteer with the Red Cross because the Augusta Red Cross Youth Board is beyond amazing! They are so chipper and peppy and bring joy to every scenario. Plus, the children and people you get to interact with in the process all have stories to bring to the table that are inspirational and humbling. Helping out in the underpriviledged parts of our community puts my life in perspective and I learn to appreciate all that I have. If you were to come to a Red Cross event you would feel the love right away. Love for security, love for friends, and love for being there for each other. Its a truly amazing experience and I’m proud to be apart of such a stellar organization!!!”
– Megan Fechter

“I volunteer with the Red Cross because I enjoy helping people and giving back to the community!

– Kristen Olson

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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection