Stories from Belle Brooks and Ghali Armira

I volunteer with the American Red Cross because growing up in such a warm and loving community, I feel as though it is the Youth’s job to give back in every way possible.
– Belle Brooks

I volunteer with the American Red Cross because I like to help others. I want to give back for all the things that everyone has done for me and taught me. I love meeting people like myself who are passionate and self-less towards others and I love to meet people who need help and need someone to believe in them, and offer them some hope. Mostly everyone is in a position to help, and help can be given in several ways. Even though I’m a college student and have very limited financial resources, time, a smile, a hug is something that I can give to others at no cost. Imagine if we all did just a little bit…Imagine the possibilities! -Happy Thanksgiving to all!
(This post was written on Thanksgiving Day 2010)

-Ghali Armira

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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection