Stories from Sarah Fechter and Erin Brousseau

“I volunteer at the Red Cross because there is nothing better than the smiles on the faces of people you’ve helped. Everyone needs the necessities of life – food, clothing, shelter – but the Red Cross goes even further to provide love and support for those they help. People working for Red Cross have made a commitment to being caring members of the human family, and I am always proud to be among such wonderful people. They inspire me every day to count the blessings in my life and serve those who don’t have the simple things I take for granted.”

-Sarah Fechter

“I volunteer at red cross because it allows me to break through the self-centered bubble of my life and see the trials of other people, especially people whose lives are vastly different than my own. Red Cross opens my eyes to the diversity of my community, and pulls me to help people in need; it’s a great and available opportunity to serve, an organization that does all the hard stuff for you, like finding the opportunities and scheduling, and just tells you what you need to do and where you need to be. I absolutely love the new people i meet, and of course there is no greater feeling than helping others. Service betters both your own life and the lives of many, many others-so the question is, why NOT do it? I became a part of American Red Cross two years ago; since then, it has shown me so many service opportunities that I never would have thought of participating in, and I am so grateful to have these opportunities. I love being a part of this organization that has no alternative motive than helping others, and I definitely plan to support it as a volunteer throughout my life.

-Erin Brousseau

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Volunteer Connection