Stories from Jackie Yu and Jill Barcelona

“I volunteer for the red cross because its a way that I can make a difference. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is just the fact that ARC allows all kinds of people to interact in their community, meet amazing people, and do something beneficial and special for another life. ARC has been a part of my life for about 7 years and I have met some extraordinary people and have learned so much! ARC has no doubt had an effect on who I am today. It has taught me leadership and it has shown me how a little can go a long way. I support and encourage new members to join because it is important for kids to learn life lessons and to take advantage of and experience new opportunities on a day to day basis.”

-Jackie Yu

I volunteer for the American Red Cross because I enjoy helping others. Red Cross was the first organization that I volunteered with back in 8th grade and since then, I have loved all the opportunities that I got to experience. I know that the American Red Cross makes a difference in the world and I want to be a part of making that difference.”

-Jill Barcelona

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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection