Stories from Eli Russ and Teddy Myers

“I volunteer for the American Red Cross because I want to help people, especially through Disaster Management. The work of the ARC saves lives. That simple. Whether it be through CPR/First Aid or Lifeguarding courses, Blood Services, supporting our soldiers and their families, or Disaster Response and Preparedness, in one way or another, we save lives and help ourselves, family, friends, and community.”

– Eli Russ, President, Mamaroneck High School Red Cross Club

[EDITORS NOTE: In June 2011, Eli Russ became a member of the American Red Cross National Youth Council. Read more about him here.]


“I volunteer for the American Red Cross because it is an amazing organization dedicated to helping individuals in need. Being a part of such a movement has tremendously affected my life. As a senior in high school, I honestly could not imagine not being involved with the Red Cross. I have volunteered with this organization since middle school and never once have I regretted that decision. Volunteering veered me down a right path with a promising future. Helping others is one of the greatest joys that you can experience. You can actually see the difference that you make in people’s lives. It’s an amazing feeling. Whether it’s teaching developmental classes to younger children or just engaging in conversation with the clients at Gracewood State Hospital, individuals in the community feel the impact of the American Red Cross. The opportunities are endless with this organization. You are allowed to meet great people who share your interest in helping others, while being put into unique situations in which your services are needed. I love the American Red Cross and I do plan to be a lifelong volunteer and supporter.”

-Teddy Myers

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Volunteer Connection