Stories from Avery Marcus and Jessica Lee

“I volunteer for the American Red Cross because it actually matters. It makes a difference in others’ lives. Moreover- it benefits their lives. It is not just satisfying to me, but it also makes me a leader. These leadership qualities have enabled me to instill confidence and motivation into others to benefit the greater good of the world even if the action is minor. Overall, the Red Cross has enabled me to believe that cooperation leads to the success of all.”

-Avery Marcus

“I volunteer for the American Red Cross because I love its diverse community programs and the incredible sense of family I get from the organization. Through Red Cross, I became more aware of programs that directly help out so many different areas such as emergency services, blood services, elderly services and more! Also, by volunteering in ARC’s local programs, I’ve gotten to know so many other people in nearby communities who come together because they believe in working for the same cause as I do. In doing so, I felt as though I’ve become part of something greater than myself as I was engulfed in a sense of unity and family that the Red Cross has. Through my involvement with the Red Cross, I have been given a new purpose, a new outlook, on helping others. Just knowing we could save people from the struggle between life and death is more than enough to motivate me to work hard for these programs. It is so rewarding to see the ends – and this simply inspires me to keep going.

-Jessica Lee

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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection