Stories from Varun Anand and Sabrina Rush

“I volunteer for the American Red Cross, not because of how it impacts my life, but how I have the unique opportunity to impact the lives of others. When I go to Gracewood Nursery Home, and I hand a coke to an elderly woman, or joke with a rather rowdy man, or drive someone in an uncomfortable tricycle, the smiles I receive, well, that’s more than enough for me. Through the American Red Cross, I have the opportunity, from washing CPR heads, to planning and teaching a Middle School Leadership Conference, to empower myself and others. Through the ARC, I have been exposed to a microcosm of the melting pot that is America. Through these meetings, I have had the chance, that I hope I took advantage of, to develop and foster friendships that could last a lifetime. Although my age prevents me to participate in the activities the American Red Cross is most well known for—disaster relief—I still can help others through CPR certification and various other ARC activities. I hope that, after high school and college, I continue to volunteer for the American Red Cross.”

-Varun Anand

“The American Red Cross has impacted my life in more ways than one. The Youth Board has taught me the importance of volunteering within my community, given me confidence, and also started to develop my public speaking skills. I have learned how to run a meeting, how to delegate duties, and how to chair events. As well as the many leadership qualities I have gained, The Red Cross has allowed me to network with high schoolers from all over the area. Because of the Youth Board, I have met many diverse people, who I would have never met before. I have learned that not everyone is like me, and that’s a good thing! I wouldn’t trade my ARC experience for anything.”

-Sabrina Rush

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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection