Stories from Heegie Song and Emily Ding

“Red Cross has been a part of my life for the past four years. With every aspect red cross tries to portray throughout the world, i constantly see our chapter putting this into action with every volunteer opportunity that we’re able to do. From picking up food for spooky to be hungry, or playing bingo at a retirement home, people in our community love having us there to help them whenever they need help, and i absolutely love being a part of that dependency people have upon our chapter. I’ve gained so many experiences and friends just through red cross, and I’m so excited for the other experiences that are to come. :)

-Heegie Song

“I volunteer with the American Red Cross because I love being able to help out my community. It is so much fun and it’s also so rewarding to be able to see that I can make a difference in my community. It is such a great program and I love it!”

-Emily Ding

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  1. Salute to the Red Cross volunteers who have helped many disaster victims.

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