Red Cross Lifer – Meet Melissa Zhu

Melissa Zhu at a club event

Melissa Zhu is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and a member of the National Youth Council. In 2010, she brought IHL classes to her university. Listen to her story on Red Cross Lifer
Interested in bringing IHL education to your high school or college? Visit the website, contact your local chapter, and email Laurie Fisher [email protected]
Visit the American Red Cross at Vanderbilt website to learn more about this great college club.

Do you want to share your American Red Cross story? Do you consider yourself a lifelong volunteer or donor? Have you led an amazing fundraiser, blood drive, or service project?

If so, I want to hear your story! You may be featured in “Red Cross Lifer”, a podcast for youth volunteers.
Please submit a short paragraph describing your involvement in the American Red Cross to Quint[email protected] . I will contact you with further details.


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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection