Red Cross Lifer – Meet Adam Narlock

Adam Narlock (fourth from left)

After the devastating disasters in Japan, many Red Cross Clubs across the country have sprung into action to support the relief efforts. In Pennsylvania, the Seton Hill University American Red Cross Club is making paper cranes to fundraise for Japan. Listen to Adam Narlock describe this project on Red Cross Lifer.

Interested in fundraising for Japan? Visit the ‘Fundraise’ section of for ideas. Have a question for the club members of Seton Hill University about their paper cranes project? Then, leave a comment below.

Do you want to share your American Red Cross story? Do you consider yourself a lifelong volunteer or donor? Have you led an amazing fundraiser, blood drive, or service project? If so, I want to hear your story! You may be featured in “Red Cross Lifer”, a podcast for youth volunteers. Please submit a short paragraph describing your involvement in the American Red Cross to . I will contact you with further details.

Liz Quintana

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