Teens Form the First Red Cross Club in the Far East

You may have known that the Red Cross clubs are international, but do you know it’s possible to establish an American Red Cross club in another country? High school freshman Emily Stith was a youth leader for the American Red Cross Service to Armed Forces Station at Yokosuka Navy Base, Japan. In order to increase Red Cross volunteer opportunities for young people, Stith established an American Red Cross club in Kinnick High School in Japan on Dec. 15, 2010 and it’s the first in the Department of defense Dependents Schools Pacific branch, a network of primary and secondary schools for military dependents in Japan, Korea and Okinawa.

In the Kinnick High School club, most members grew up in a military environment, so they knew better than others about how to serve the military: they built furniture for the Storks Nest, sponsored book drives, handed out holiday cards and even helped with the tsunami earthquake relief. What was unique about being a Red Cross volunteer there was that they could develop a partnership with the local Japanese Red Cross society!

Do you have a Red Cross club at your school? If not, anyone can try to start one. Visit redcrossyouth.org for resources and instructions. Remember, the National Youth Council of the American Red Cross is always here for you. Post a question on our Facebook group page and follow us on Twitter!

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Volunteer Connection