Even furry friends are volunteers

Those you would least expect turn into the most celebrated of American Red Cross volunteers.

Fursa Thaniya, a German-shepherd husky mix, was found wandering like a nomad around Camp Arifjan in Kuwait injured and hurt, but with a perky attitude nonetheless. The dog was taken to a veterinary clinic and inspired the camp to begin a pet therapy program through the American Red Cross.

Fursa raises the spirits of the military personnel and now interacts happily with service members after undergoing behavioral training. There are not always options available to treat stress, but pet therapy helps soldiers deal with stress and raises their morale. In America it is not uncommon to find places like the Pharr Road Animal Hospital who believe in the benefits of pet therapy. It has shown great results with patients that would be otherwise non-cooperative.

Fursa the dog raises morale in soldiers.

To read the full story, visit the American Red Cross Colorado chapter site.

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Volunteer Connection

Volunteer Connection