San Francisco National Youth Council Meeting Post #1

Hello Red Cross Youth! 😀

My name is Alison Inceu and I am one of the National Youth Council’s newest members. I am proud to be sharing with you my thoughts, feelings, and ideas tonight from San Francisco, California, where the Council will meet for the first time tomorrow as a new council to discuss all matters concerning YOU and the future of ARC youth!

Today was most definitely the calmest day we will have as a council this week, yet even so it was the busiest day I have had in a while. I arrived in San Francisco at 2:30 pm Pacific Time (which really meant 5:30 pm for me as a New Yorker), after having traveled for more than nine hours door-to-door. Needless to say though, after meeting up with four other council members and seeing a glimpse of San Francisco, I knew that the excitement I felt at finally meeting the other council members and being in this incredible city would carry me through the rest of the day and night.

After we arrived at the hotel, the other council members and myself took a quick stroll on the streets surrounding our hotel looking to grab a quick bite (and a necessary latte for myself :)). This task was easier to accomplish than we originally thought, as our hotel is located in the heart of San Francisco and across from Union Square. The area is rich with restaurants, cafes, and shops, and Union Square resonated with the energizing sound of samba music and dancing throughout the early evening. We afterwards wandered through Chinatown (which was also surprisingly close by) and then ended the evening by listening to the aforementioned music in Union Square, taking some pictures of the tropical palm trees many of us had not seen before, and engaging in the silliest banter over dinner.

Overall, I feel incredibly excited to see what is awaiting me in the next few days of meetings. This will be the first time I will have the chance to work with other Red Cross youth and to represent all of you. With that said, I feel incredibly honored to be here representing you. I hope to contribute to the creation of many innovative programs, events, and resources for all of you. I hope we will make you proud.

Good night to all of you,

Alison and fellow National Youth Council members at Union Square in San Francisco

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