San Francisco National Youth Council Meeting Post #2

New member Jeffrey Su with his fellow council members at Ghiradelli Square.

Hello Youth of America!

I’m Jeffrey Su, one of the new members on the National Youth Council this year, and I just wanted to say that I am honored to be representing you guys, the Youth of America! I would just like to take a few minutes to just share with you all my first day experience and a brief update of what we are doing in the Bay Area.

So the first official day of meetings was today, and I must say I wasn’t the happiest waking up after only 5 hours of sleep. Putting on my suit, I was nervous, but excited, about the long day of meetings ahead of me. This was also the first time meeting most of the council members for me, and it was nice to put faces to voices that I have been hearing on countless conference calls leading up to this day. We slowly got to know each other, sharing stories of where we came from while walking to the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. I’m sure we all looked pretty epic walking down the street, a bunch of kids in formal wear on the streets of San Francisco.

Arriving at the chapter, I was blown away because of how nice it was inside and out. We got settled down in an intense looking meeting room, had a few introductions, and a nice icebreaker/ analogy for the work load we will have over the next three years (the term limit for a National Youth Council member).

We got right into the meetings, talking about different projects the American Red Cross is working on nationally, and also what we are planning for the youth in the coming fiscal year. We met a lot of our key players from different departments at National Headquarters in Washington DC, including people from marketing, chapter operations, and the office of the national chair of volunteers. But for the whole morning, my hands were sweating nonstop as I was still getting used to the flow of things in the council. By the afternoon, I was fine and felt like I could start contributing to the meetings more without saying something stupid. I’m actually really excited about the Connect Tour (which you should check with your local chapter for more info or just check up on and our soon to be revamped website.

After the intense meetings, we headed down to a local elderly care center and helped out the Youth for China Town Elderly, which is a unique sector of the Bay Area chapter that focuses on the Asian community in the Bay Area. We actually thought that the language barrier would be a problem, but we adapted to the best of our abilities, and I even found out some spoke some Mandarin! It was nice getting to meet the YCE youth volunteers and see a different view of how clubs run in different chapters.

Hungry and in need of some sun, we headed off to our afternoon activities, which included Thai food, an interesting bus adventure, and epic bonding time at Fisherman’s Warf and Ghirardelli Square. We tried lots of food including bread from the sourdough factory and ice cream from Ghirardelli. It was so “yummy!” as fellow council member Alison put it.

It was such a busy day, but in the end, we bonded well over random conversations and good food that the bay has to offer. I know our team of youth will work well with each other, represent you, the youth, to the best of our abilities at the national level, and look forward to CONNECTING with you guys as not only a resource, but as a friend.


p.s. Pictures and videos will be posted soon!

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