San Francisco National Youth Council Meeting Post #3

Hello Red Cross Youth,
My name is Hanna Malak and I am a new National Youth Council member. Today was a very busy working day. We started the day with leadership team elections. Here are the results:

~ Anjuli Sastry, Vice-Chair
~ Anna Bevington, Leadership Team Member
~ Mohit Jain, Leadership Team Member
~ Stewart Zellars, Leadership Team Member

After the elections, we began to discuss our “Connect Tour.” The Connect Tour is one of our major projects for this fiscal year and a lot of productive discussion occurred. We took a break at lunch time and joined the National Youth Council Alumni Board, and other staff from the Bay Area Chapter for a special lunch. We celebrated a recognition lunch where The National Youth Council was introduced to the San Francisco Bay Area chapter employees. In addition, we paid a special tribute to Pat West, the former NYC Chair.

We were also lucky enough to listen to a presentation from Sandy Tesch, a former National Youth Council Chair and current Alumni Board Chair. Sandy was joined by Lauren Lombardo, an intern in the Bay Area Chapter. Sandy and Lauren represented The American Red Cross at the International Indonesian Red Cross youth camp in Jumbaraa, Indonesian. They were able to gain some valuable contacts, leave a positive impact on the Indonesian community, and even brought back some take aways to use in every day life.

After lunch, we got back to work and discussed our connect tour. At 5 0’clock our business for the day ended and we headed to Fort Mason for dinner. We were surprised to find numerous food trucks to feast on – there was a wide variety in food choices.

We are looking forward to the rest of the weekend.

Take care!

Sandy Tesch and Lauren Lombardo present about their trip to Indonesia.

~ Hanna

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