International Red Crossers Arrive in San Francisco!….and the world’s largest Red Cross (?)

Hello Red Cross Youth!

In an effort to help you all feel more connected to the thousands of Red Cross youth volunteers in the United States and across the world, I will weekly be posting the most interesting stories I hear about youth programs, events, and engagements across the country and globe. Email me your story and you might just see it featured here on the blog!

Here are my two favorite youth stories for this week….

Three international volunteers from the Philippine Red Cross, Kyrgyzstan Red Crescent, and Norwegian Red Cross arrived at the Bay Area chapter in San Francisco, California on Monday. Charisse Salcedo, Aliya Kydyrmaeva, and Magnus Sauro will serve a three-week internship at the Bay Area chapter as part of the Chapman-Holcombe International Intern program. The program, founded in 1984, promotes and facilitates understanding among Red Cross and Red Crescent societies through the engagement of such interns in the local community. Charisse, Aliya, and Magnus will spend their time at the chapter teaching about their Red Cross/Red Crescent societies, learning about the American Red Cross and, most specifically, engaging in local youth programs such as the Leadership Development Center*.

At the beginning of this month, 2650 Finnish youth took part in creating the world’s largest human red cross. The cross was created by attending youth and visitors to the Pitkis-Sport camp in Kokemäki, Finland. In case you were wondering though, that is NOT the largest human red cross ever created. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the award for the largest human red cross goes to the Norwegian Red Cross, who created the said red cross on May 7, 2010 with the participation of 935 individuals.

*The Leadership Development Center is a four-day conference held by the Bay Area Chapter (as well as some chapters in Southern California). Through this conference youth become educated in how to become leaders, community disaster response, CPR/First Aid, and how to start Red Cross clubs. For more information, visit

Welcome International Interns from the American Red Cross National Youth Council and National Young Professionals Council! from American Red Cross Youth on Vimeo.

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