Let’s start the week off right!

Hello Red Cross Youth!
Can you believe it’s already another week and already August? I’ve never known how to feel about this month…on one hand, it’s always the hottest month of the year and so the peak of summer, on another, I always feel like I can taste the beginning of fall at this time of the year.
This new week and August, however, I feel very inspired by the talent and dedication of two brothers, Remy and Andrew Neymarc, to film-making and the mission of the American Red Cross. The two young brothers, still in their early twenties and entirely self-taught, have won countless competitions so far with their blood donation PSAs “You Save” and “Be a Superhero.” Remy and Andrew decided to create these videos for the American Red Cross to encourage viewers to donate blood. The two videos were the first and second place winners at the international GSMA Film Competition held in Barcelona, Spain in February of this year.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Alison Inceu,
[email protected]

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