Eradicate measles, once and for all.

Hello Red Cross Youth!
In my last blog post I simultaneously shared with you the incredible, inspiring news that the Measles Initiative recently announced that it had vaccinated one billion children in the past ten years, as well as the disheartening news that that progress stands to be reversed due to decreased funds and donations to the Measles Initiative.
Today, I want to remind you that YOU can personally ensure that the progress made in eradicating measles in the past ten years is not reversed. Besides making a donation to the Measles Initiative, you can join or start a fundraising team in your community. To find out if a team already exists in your community, contact your local American Red Cross chapter. If it doesn’t, visit the following website and create your own team:
Through the Measles Initiative you will be provided with posters and other communication tools to help you educate your community about measles and advertise your fundraising events. As always, email me if you need help planning any of your events.

…and don’t forget:
— With a $1 donation, you can help vaccinate one child.
— With a $5 donation, you can help vaccinate one family.
— With a $10 donation, you can help vaccinate one classroom.
— With help from your friends, classmates and coworkers, you can
easily collect $500 and vaccinate an entire village.

Until next time,
Alison Inceu

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