Running Pole to Pole to Raise Funds for the Red Cross

I have always been impressed by people who choose to run. Whether it is seeing people running in the park or hearing stories of friends training for marathons, I am continually amazed by some individuals’ choice and ability to run incredible distances (not in the least because I can barely run a mile! :P) Thus, it should not surprise any of you that this week I am fascinated by Pat Farmer and his run from the North Pole to the South Pole, a project Farmer set out for himself in an effort to raise $100 million for the American Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross, and Australian Red Cross. It goes without mentioning how inspired I am by Farmer’s dedication to furthering the work of the Red Cross.

Having already reached Mexico, Farmer will run more than two marathons a day, every day, until he reaches the South Pole. That means he will run a total of nearly 13,000 miles through 14 countries in an effort to achieve his very strenuous task. And he is doing it all because he believes in the mission of the Red Cross. Watch the video below to understand exactly the run Farmer has set himself out on, and why. To keep up with Pat Farmer as he runs half-way down the world and to donate, visit

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