How to save a life

How to Save a life
-Samantha Rossi

Every minute of every day someone needs blood
That’s a lot of people in need
you would have to agree
We need your help to serve
As a result, this poem will help you get over your donating nerves

Here is another fact
that has a huge impact
“Only 3 out of a 100 people donate”
We need to increase this rate!

The blood donation process is less than 15 minutes
This is a short time, to take an hour out of your day
And go out of the way, to donate a pint that can save up to 3 lives
So hurry up and find your local blood drive

We can not grow blood; it’s up to you
Come on register, even if your new
You would be of great service
You don’t have to be nervous

Don’t be scared, the process is short
you can bring a friend for moral support

Don’t be scared, the process is safe
so please don’t hesitate

If your blood type is O-negative
you are one of a kind
This is in short supply, so come on by
and apply!

If you have type AB
we are short on this too
We could use you!

No matter the type
We are open to all
no matter how short or tall
To increase the donating rate
Would be oh so great!

Red Cross is trying to save lives
When you donate, think…someone survives

This Poem was written by Samantha Rossi, a Red Cross Youth Volunteer. The need is constant. The gratification is instant. Donate blood! To learn more infroamtion about donating blood near you visit

~Hanna Malak

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