The Sep/Oct Series (6): How to Retain Membership to Your ARC Club

Hello American Red Cross Youth!

Are you ready for a new week? It feels like I was just asking you that question back in August, and here we are now already in October. I hope you are all geared up for your fall breaks or for continuing the semester, whichever side you happen to lean on.

This video is the sixth installment of our September/October Series.

The video blog post is delivered by Eli Russ, a member of the National Youth Council, and will address how to retain membership for your ARC club. Eli is seventeen years old and a junior at Mamaroneck High School in Westchester County, New York. Eli began volunteering with the ARC after joining his high school’s Red Cross Club. Within two months, advanced through the ranks from communications officer, then co-vice President, and then finally, co-president. In 2010, Eli was awarded the Exceptional Youth Volunteer Award by the ARC Westchester County Chapter. Watch Eli below.

If you have any questions for Eli, please email him at

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