San Francisco National Youth Council Meeting Post #4

It’s been one heck of a ride this past weekend! I am finally home after a whirlwind of National Youth Council meetings, new projects, new beginnings and San Francisco’s city lights. It is funny how you can only come to appreciate something right in your own backyard when you are able to see it through someone else’s eyes. Just like the beauty of San Francisco, this weekend I came to appreciate the beauty of the American Red Cross through its numerous passionate and inspiring volunteers. These volunteers came in all shapes and forms, from my fellow council members who provide a fresh perspective and the utmost perseverance to the National Youth Council, to the youth we engaged with at the American Red Cross chapter where I grew up- the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.
This weekend, I understood once more why I volunteer for the American Red Cross: the people you meet, the volunteers at the heart of the organization, are the most important people that have made an impact in my life and those of countless others- they prove my commitment to youth services is not in vain.
So as I wrap up this weekend’s blog posts on site from our meeting in San Francisco, I would like to thank youth volunteers everywhere. I applaud you for staying involved and appreciate your perseverance in putting on blood drives and running Leadership Development Camps (LDC) around the country. As my fellow council members blogged this weekend, we have a number of initiatives we will be launching in the coming months and through it I hope to meet as many of you as I can.
Talk to you soon,
Anjuli Sastry, Vice-Chair of the National Youth Council

The view of San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge.

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