New Ways to Help: Double Your Donation with Serve!

If you haven’t seen it yet, the Red Cross has released a wonderful new widget that doubles your donation every time you give. It ties to Serve, a product from American Express that can be used by everybody in your family who is 13 years old or older. We’ve asked Charlotte Fuller, who works on the Communications team at American Express, to tell us more.

Anne Marie Borrego – Hi Charlotte. Let’s start with the good stuff, what is Serve and how can a teenager use it?

Serve is a new product from American Express that allows you to send and receive money from friends and family. You can access Serve online or through your mobile device or use your Serve card to make purchases everywhere American Express Cards are accepted.

Serve allows parents to create subaccounts for anyone age 13 or older. Subaccounts are a convenient and flexible way for parents or relatives to send teens their allowance or money to use at college. And the best part is, the money can be used anywhere American Express is accepted online or offline.

Anne Marie Borrego – That’s great. And what’s the first thing they’re going to want to do with their new Serve account?

That’s up to the teen! The Serve card can be used anywhere American Express is accepted, so teens are free to spend money the way they choose. They can also request money from parents when they’re running low and monitor what they’re spending online on their account page.

If they’re feeling generous they can also donate directly to the American Red Cross Widget we’ve created in conjunction with you.

Anne Marie Borrego -Can you share the widget without making a donation yourself?

Yes, absolutely!

To help us spread the word and encourage your friends to participate, download the American Red Cross Charity Widget on your blog, Facebook page or any of the social networks you hang out, or simply go to the Red Cross Site to donate and help us reach the maximum goal this holiday season – every dollar counts!

Have you used the Holiday Giving Widget? Did you share it? Please leave a comment, letting us know what you think.

~Hanna Malak

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