World Youth Summit 2011 – Barranquilla, Colombia

Flavia Alison Inceu, Brielle Stark, two National Youth Council Members & Justin Lam, the Secretary of the National Young Professional Council journeyed to the 2nd World Youth Summit for Volunteering, which was in Barranquilla, Colombia on November 4th, 2011.

The three were not only able to attend, but had the opportunity to lead a presentation titled “From Volunteering to Volunteerism”. The presentation consisted of how the American Red Cross has successfully disseminated its message to youth, from 1890 to present. The Red Cross currently serves 30,000 youth volunteers in the United States alone.

They had some fantastic keynote speeches along the way (especially Hugh Evans, founder of the Global Poverty Project). However, the greatest part of the conference was, by far, interacting with Latin Red Crossers. The group made friendships with Red Cross youth from Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Anguilla!

Overall, the summit was a fantastic opportunity to network with inspiring youth from around the world and represent The American Red Cross.

Red Cross Youth from around the world

~Hanna Malak

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