Red Cross Pick-Up Lines for Valentine’s Day Part 2

Happy Valentine’s Day Red Crossers!
And Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day for those who do not celebrate the chocolate filled holiday.

Last year, I composed a few Red Cross related pick-up lines folks could use on Valentine’s Day. The post was quite popular so I decided to write new conversation starters for 2012. Enjoy.

For that special Red Crosser who always makes your heart skip a beat:

  • Scrubby Bear is no match for you, because your smile is infectious.
  • My smoke alarm is not be working because you are on fire.
  • I am Type O-negative. Your perfect match.
  • You must be a Red Cross volunteer because you just saved my life.
  • LDC camp taught you impressive leadership skills, because you just led my heart to yours.
  • Are you a Measles Champion? Because you just eradicated all of my problems.
  • I know you must be injured after falling from heaven but you don’t have to worry. I am First Aid certified.
  • There is no way you have experienced a power outage. Your beauty illuminates everything.
  • -Liz Quintana, National Young Professionals Council

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