New Website Launches on March 5th!

Red Cross Volunteers,

The new website launches in little over a week. After hearing testimonials from the other council members, myself included, I wanted to hear your thoughts about what should go on the website and what you think so far about the changes. Through the new website, the National Youth Council aims to engage young volunteers through several different platforms, whether this means through the social media platforms, the new chat roll function, or even through a new forums page. I see this new website becoming a vibrant community of young people who will be working to develop the tools and the capacity needed to build a strong network of Red Cross Volunteers.

The new website will engage young volunteers in new ways, and will also be integrated with several different ways to connect with us. We hope to bring new content, and new ways that youth can interact with young volunteers across the nation, as well as have an open dialogue with representatives from the National Headquarters of the American Red Cross.

Stay tuned!

Mohit jain
[email protected]

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