Greetings from Haiti

Greetings from Haiti, where representatives from all 35 National Societies in the Americas (North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean) have gathered to address the issues of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement!


In addition, youth from over 20 National Societies participated in a youth and volunteering side event on Tuesday and Wednesday. The primary discussion topic was the recently adopted international youth policy ( and how each youth leader can promote the adoption or revision of the corresponding national youth policy in his or her National Society. We also brainstormed recommendations for attracting, recruiting and retaining a diversified base of volunteers to the Red Cross, and discussed the changing nature of youth volunteerism. More than fifty percent of Red Cross volunteers in the Americas are youth.


Strong Red Cross youth networks exist in Central America and the Caribbean, where youth leaders meet regularly via Skype and once a year in person to share best practices and plan regional youth leadership trainings. The newly formed North American Coordination Committee has much to learn from these active networks and will have an opportunity to observe a Skype meeting soon.


~Hanna Malak

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Volunteer Connection