We are pleased to provide you with additional information on our global approach to 2012 World Red Cross Red Crescent Day, under the theme of Youth on the move. In this message, we will provide details on a global photo exhibition which will feature images and extended captions submitted by you and your young volunteers. We will also provide examples of work underway in National Societies related to the three action themes for this year’s events. Finally, we will provide you with an inventory and timeline for additional tools and resources to be made available in coming weeks.

Global Youth on the move photo exhibition

This is the opportunity for National Societies and youth around the world to share images and short stories of the Red Cross Red Crescent in action, making a difference in their communities. Photos must include a caption of 100 to 200 words (in Arabic, English, French or Spanish) and the deadline for submission is 10 April 2012. There are two ways to participate and provide your photos. Beginning 26 March, you can visit the recently updated Our world, Your move websitehttp://www.ifrcmedia.org/blog/photos-may-8/ and follow three easy steps to register, upload and share your photos, or you can visit the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RedCrossRedCrescent, log into your own account and share both the photo and caption.

Youth on the move: opportunities for action on 8 May 2012

World Red Cross Red Crescent Day represents an opportunity for each of us to work in a focused way to make a difference in our National Societies and in our communities. We encourage you to begin planning actions in one of three areas: 1) helping communities better prepare for disasters and emergencies, 2) addressing inequitable access to health care or health care in danger, or 3) building a culture of non violence and peace. We also encouraged you to work with your National Society to take an action that implements elements of the IFRC’s youth policy and expands or recognizes the power of young leadership. To provide some inspiration, here are three examples of young people making a difference:

In Lebanon, participation in activities such as the Annual Peace and Child Festival engages young people in learning and working towards building a culture of non violence and peace.

In the Philippines, the Mangrove workshop aims to rehabilitate and establish tree sanctuaries, increase community disaster preparedness and expand awareness among the youth in adapting to climate change.

In Gambia, young volunteers use the power of music to fundraise and increase awareness on disease prevention and access to health care.

Additionally, we have provided a Youth on the move activity that focuses on cross-cultural understanding , tied to the globally recognized Youth as Agents of Behavioural Change (YABC) initiative. This activity may be something your youth would consider organizing.

Please plan to document the actions taken, provide us details on their impact and share them via our global social media channels on 8 May.

We look forward to staying in contact and hearing from you along the way. Let us know how your plans are coming along or if we can assist you in any way. Contact your closest IFRC or ICRC communication counterpart for more information.Jason.smith@ifrc.org and omiltcheva@icrc.org also stand ready to assist you.–

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