An reflection from National Youth Council member, Mohit Jain about his experience with GenerationOn:

My journey with generationOn started in our inaugural National Youth Advisory Council meeting in Washington D.C., where I became inspired by the role that youth play in organizations and the power and potential we have when we band together to address issues in our communities. I sat at the same table as Neil Bush and Brian Goldner, president of Hasbro, and learned about the time and energy that these CEOs take to involve youth in their work. Hearing from them gave me the sense that there is support for our generation to tackle issues through service. Our generation grants businesses and organizations access to a unique set of skills that no other age demographic has. At the moment, we want experience and opportunity to explore our interests in a practical setting, at the local and national level. Whether this means writing a book for educational reform or building a website to refer our generation to new opportunities, we want the chance to explore our passions and turn them into actions. Service lets us do just that, in service to ourselves, our communities, and the world.

Our generation is defined by our ability to connect and our passion to make a difference, and both of these combine through action in service. There are differences across the nation, including racial, ethnic, and social divisions, but service is one thing that has no barriers. It excludes no one, and even has the ability to break down divisions that have formed. Our generation is proud of our diversity, and it is through service that we are able to unite to express our passions.

We truly are a generationOn.

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Volunteer Connection