Bay Area Volunteer Shares His Passion for the Red Cross

Hi! My name is Aakash Sastry and I have volunteered with the Red Cross for the last 6 years.  I am currently the Chair of the Youth Executive Board, or YEB for short, of the American Red Cross Bay Area Chapter. YEB brings together all the presidents from high school clubs across the Bay Area fostering communication and utilizing various resources to reach a greater audience than before.

One of my favorite projects in YEB is “Adopt a Club”.  Every club in the Bay Area Chapter is given the responsibility of working with another school in its neighborhood to start a new Red Cross Club. Last year, we had around 20 High School (and one Middle School!) Red Cross Clubs started because of this one event.  This power and ability to make a large difference towards a single goal through teamwork is exactly why I recommend that every chapter have its own YEB. (So if your chapter doesn’t have one, start one!)

Naturally, many of the dedicated student volunteers of the YEB go on vacation during the summer, but those who are in town have the opportunity to plan and/or attend Leadership Development Camp, a Red Cross summer camp designed around the mission, vision, values and the 7 fundamental principles of the Red Cross. LDC is the perfect way to advance involvement with the Red Cross while having the time of your life.

The past 6 years with the Red Cross have not only opened countless opportunities for me, but have also taught me valuable life skills. This is why I love the Red Cross.

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