Matt’s Internship with the Red Cross

Matt Irwin is a rising junior majoring in international affairs at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and originally from New Jersey. For the past several months, Matt served as a Youth Programs Intern within the Department of Volunteer Engagement at the American Red Cross of the National Capital Region. As an intern, Matt was primarily  tasked with jumpstarting involvement in, and expanding Red Cross school clubs in Metro D.C. middle schools and high schools. Matt also contributed to preparing the day-long simulation of warlike scenarios called “Raid Cross” for Capitol area youth, to take place next month. The simulation was originally developed by the Belgian Red Cross and is today used by many Red Cross societies to teach youth the laws governing international humanitarian law*. [1]

Conveying his experience interning with the American Red Cross, Matt stated:


“As this was my first professional internship I gained a lot from my experience with the American Red Cross and will always look back fondly on it, with good memories of how I grew. I was surrounded by a great group of co-workers out in both the Montgomery and Fairfax Offices of the American Red Cross, and they helped me out tremendously whenever I needed assistance or made typical intern missteps. I have really noticed an improvement in my communication skills, both personally and professionally. I find myself better able to compose a professionally-worded email or document in a short amount of time and I also notice that I am more out-going, succinct and direct when talking with colleagues and volunteers.”


Over the summer months Matt will move on to work with the U.S. Department of Transportation, but he hopes to remain involved with the American Red Cross. “Raid Cross is not until late June so I am still communicating with my boss about anything I can contribute toward planning the final stages of the event…It was a great experience to intern and make an impact on the organization in that way, but I would also like to begin volunteering sometime soon!”

~ Alison Inceu
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[1] Matt explained, “Raid Cross consists of 7 “posts”, each with a different theme related to International Humanitarian Law. Youth (aged 12-18) cycle through these posts led by adult volunteers and facilitators throughout the day. Posts include “Sniper”, “Wounded”, “Humanitarian Aid”, and “Military Tribunal” in which the students take part in a simulation meant to teach them about applicable laws from International Humanitarian Law, that apply to the treatment of wounded civilians and humanitarian aid during times of war. The war in which they are partaking is the Haddarian/Deldarian War.”

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